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Environmental Friendly Rubber Stamps

Eco Friendly Stamps Environmental Friendly Rubber Stamps Made with LEM Manufacturing

We are proud to help you "go green" with your stamping needs. All of the stamps below are eco-friendly. The PSI, Slim and Maxlight Models are made using Low Emissions Manufacturing which means no water is used, no chemicals are used, no odors, no effluent, no replacement pads needed and they are made using very little power.

Since these ECO-Friendly Stamps can be re-inked instead of having to replace them, they are eco-friendly by reducing waste. Depending on the model, these stamps are also made with 50% - 76% postconsumer recycled content. They are a greener way to go.

It is time you do your bit for environment by increasing the use of rubber stamps made using LEM manufacturing technology. Every effort counts for making it all eco-friendly.

Below are products that are Eco Friendly and Made with Low Emissions Manufacturing Process

Custom PSI Stamps

Slim Stamps MaxLight Pre-Inked Stamps
Eco Friendly Date Stamps Slim Notary Stamps PSI JRS & Address Stampers