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Custom Xstamper Industrial Use Xstamper Date Stamps
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Xstamper Stamps

Acorn Sales is proud to bring you an elite selection of Xstampers! Choose from a variety of pre-inked Xstampers for daters, industry stock stamps and even custom stamps in various shapes, sizes and colors. We even have personalized Xstamper keychain stamps! All standard Xstamper stamps work well in corporate office environments on paper items and our industrial Xstampers are perfect for those in the professional industry who need a stamp for surfaces such as paper, glass, wood, and other mediums. If you need it, we are sure to have it!

Custom Xstamper Industrial Use Xstamper Date Stamps

1 Color Stock 2 Color Stock Jumbo Stock

Round Stock

Personalized Xstamper Date Stamp

Each Xstamper, whether it’s a VersaDater date stamp, a stock stamp or an N11 custom stamp, is covered by Xstamper’s lifetime guarantee. Your stamp is covered under normal use and ware for as long as you own your Xstamper. If you ever have any issues with your stamp, just give us a call at Acorn and we will work with you to get your stamp working perfectly again. We can assure you that a Pre-Inked Xstamper is a great investment whether you are a small home-based company or a large corporation.

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Custom Stamps for Industrial Use

Custom Xstampers for industrial use are useful tools around the warehouse or at the construction site. Once the Industrial Xstamper’s ink has dried, it will become permanent and waterproof. Xstamper has developed a specialized quick drying ink and innovative caps for their stamps that help prevent your stamp from gumming up or drying out. Industrial Xstampers are a great way to color code or mark your company’s tools. These Xstamper Industrial stamps are also commonly used as inspection stamps on metal, glass, plastic, glossy paper and even leather!