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Black Neoprene Stamps Industrial Xstamper

Industrial Use Custom Rubber Stamps

Industrial stamps are the perfect fit for when you are marking on any slick surface or hard-to-mark surfaces which include metal, glass, plastic, leather, glossy paper, etc. We offer several different types of stamps for Industrial Use. Black Neoprene Hand Stamps are more resistant to wear than your traditional rubber stamp, or try one of our XStamper Pre-Inked Industrial Stamps. The XStamper ink is formulated to be fast drying, permanent and water resistant when fully cured.

Black Neoprene Stamps Industrial Xstamper

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Quick Dry Stamps & Fast Drying Stamps

Acorn Sales offers a full line of custom stamps for industrial stamping, marking & coding inks allowing you the ability to place your mark on virtually any type of surface. We accommodate Government and Military specifications concerning stamp inks. Our products include alcohol based dye inks for non-porous surfaces, water based stamp pad inks, pigment inks for non-porous surfaces, stenciling inks and much more.

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Industrial Stamping & Quick Drying Ink

All of our permanent quick dry stamps work on most non-porous surfaces including metal, glass, CD's, plastic, leather, some fabrics, glossy paper and more. These stamps are made from black neoprene or buna rubber material designed to be used with aggressive alcohol-based permanent stamp inks. Not sure which one is the right one for you? Just give us a call or send us an email and we are happy to help you. As always, we can give you a complimentary quote for the industrial rubber stamp that will best suit your needs. We look forward to working with you to help make your industrial mark on the world!