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Rubber Stamp Ink and Pads

Not only does ACORN Sales offer a complete line of rubber stamps for all of your impression needs, we have the accessory supplies and refills that you need to make continued use of your important stamps. If your pad has worn thin in spots from very heavy use, a replacement pad is just what you need to get even longer life from the stamp.

Self Inking Pads Date Stamp Pads Indelible/Fabric Ink

Self-Inking Stamp Pads

If you have a Self-Inking Stamp, then at some point you will need a Self-Inking Replacement Pad. Changing the ink pad in your Self-Inking Stamp is an easy and economical way to preserve the life of your stamp. It also means that you can change the color. Our Self-Inking Pads come in a variety of colors including, Red, Blue, Black, Green and Violet.

Date Stamp Pads

ACORN offers replacement pads for Self-Inking date stamps. Given the life of most of our daters chances are the pad will need to be re-inked or replaced before you need to reorder the date stamp. These pads fit Self-Inking style daters and are also available in a two color pad - such as BLUE text/RED dates or BLACK text/RED dates.

Indelible/Fabric Stamp Ink

Acorn Indelible Ink or Fabric Ink is a non-acid based ink for application to cloth, linen, and clothing. It will not bleach out of fabric and no extra preparation or hot iron is required. Cloth can be washed immediately after marking. This ink should not be applied on top of sizing. If sizing is present, the cloth should be washed before marking.

Indexing/Quick Dry Ink Invisible Ink MaxLight/Slim Ink

Indexing/Quick Dry Stamp Ink

Acorn Indexing Ink is an excellent all-purpose, waterproof ink that adheres to resin coated photographic paper, Mylar, or chrome coated labels. It meets the U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines for use on food packaging and conforms to relative government specifications. The suggested application of Indexing Ink is with the use of a cloth covered felt pad.

Invisible Stamp Ink

Haven't you always wanted some invisible ink? It's not just for spies! Acorn Invisible Ink is waterproof and is most commonly applied to the skin for identification purposes at people gatherings. With an instant drying time, this ink remains on the skin for approximately 24 hours. Available color is BLUE under UV lighting.

Maxlight/Slim Ink

Acorn Pre-Inked Ink is formulated for use in the MaxLight and Slim Stamps. These stamps require this type of ink so that they will not clog or damage the pre-ink working parts. Available colors include BLACK, BLUE, GREEN, VIOLET, RED, BURGUNDY, BROWN, YELLOW, PROCESS BLUE, FLUORSCENT PINK, FLUORESCENT RED, and FLUORESCENT ORANGE.

Numbering Machine Ink Numbering Machine Pads Rubber Stamp Ink

Numbering Machine Ink

ACORN Numbering Machine Ink is a waterproof ink made with mineral
and vegetable oils that adheres to any porous surface, including paper, corrugated, cloth, etc. Designed not to clog mechanism during use, this
ink has its best application for numbering and dating machines with metal dies only. It is NOT made for use with natural rubber numbering bands as oil will swell the material.

Numbering Machine Pads

Acorn Sales offers replacement pads for our Numbering Machines. Our Numbering Machine replacement pads allow you to re-ink quickly and without mess using our snap-in system. Replacement pads will help extend the life of your Numbering Machine. Our numbering machines replacement pads are available in two colors, RED or BLACK.

Rubber Stamp Ink

Acorn Rubber Stamp Ink is a water soluble ink that makes smart, clear impressions which can dry very fast, depending on the absorbency of the material being printed. Its best use is with M-Series, Maxum and Trodat stamps, Self-inking Date Stamps, and a cloth covered felt pad. Your choice of colors for Acorn Rubber Stamp Ink includes BLACK, BLUE, GREEN, PURPLE, and RED.

Rubber Stamp Pads Thinner & Cleaner Xstamper Ink

Rubber Stamp Pads

ACORN offers a wide variety of sizes of rubber stamp pads. These pads are made out of a cloth material and are a good choice for your stamping needs. They are available in RED, BLUE, BLACK, GREEN, and VIOLET. Custom PMS color matching is available at an additional charge - if you are interested please contact us for details.

Thinner & Cleaner

ACORN offers both Rubber Stamp Cleaner and Acorn Ink Thinner. So, you ask, what is the difference? Acorn Rubber Stamp Cleaner is used for cleaning and maintaining the type on rubber stamps when they become clogged or illegible. Unlike the Acorn Ink Thinner, the Rubber Stamp Cleaner is for cleaning ONLY; it is NOT to be used as an ink thinner.

Xstamper Ink

When you have an Xstamper you will need special Xstamper ink. It is really important that you find the right type of ink when it is time to re-ink your stamp. The wrong kind of ink could damage the Xstamper. The Xstamper’s dyestuff ink is ideal for paper because it spreads into the paper and air-dries quickly. The Xstamper produces less desirable results on surface-treated paper such as photo or parchment, because the coating retards ink absorption.

Ink & Pads

If you need stamp ink, whatever the color may be, we have a full line of stamp inks available for that as well. Should the need arise to use a stamp thinner or cleaner, we can offer the best deal around on that also.

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