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Art Rubber Stamps

What better way could there be to show the rest of the world that artistic person inside you than to customize your own artistic stamp, and use it on your communications? Literally any design you can imagine can be transferred to one of our art stamps, and applied to any appropriate medium.

Baskets Stamps Christmas Stamps Country Collection

Basket Rubber Stamps

From apples to eggs to the empty basket waiting to be filled, let these specialty stamps dress up your art project. Use these for fall or summer season themed crafts or for just every day ideas. Stamp these on picture frames displaying a special event or on scrapbook pages that need just a little extra something.

Christmas Rubber Stamps

Make Christmas a festive occasion with these easy to use holiday hand rubber stamps. While the cookies for Santa are baking in the oven, make handmade tree ornaments with the bear angels, cow reindeers and musical instruments. Each decoration will be personalized and can be given as a gift to family and friends.

Country Collection Rubber Stamps

Our country collection artwork rubber stamps could make your homemade items stand out at the next county fair or add a little flair to your scrapbook. You will be able to get the look that you want without having to do all of the work. Don't let your prize winning jam be over looked...stamp the label using one of our country collection art stamps so you can get the blue ribbon.

Easter Stamps Florals and Borders Halloween Stamps

Easter Stamps

Easter reminds us of bunnies, little chicks, egg hunts, baby cows and new birth. Personalize the holiday cards with these adorable animal rubber stamps of all sizes. Mix these with other stamp collections and create a springtime decoration for any wall or door.

Florals and Borders Rubber Stamps

Nothing says Spring like flowers and these flowers say art! With the selection between individual flowers and corner borders you can decorate invitations for sleepovers, baby showers, wedding engagements, and birthday parties. There are stamps for winter, summer and fall seasons so invites can be handmade for any time of the year.

Halloween Stamps

Halloween is fun for the kids but our art stamps can bring out the kid in all of us. If you are looking at making your treat bags extra spooky for your little ghouls and boys, then make it easy for yourself by selecting one of our Halloween rubber stamps.

Independence Day Miscellaneous Stamps Occupation Stamps

Independence Day Stamps

Independence Day is not complete without the grilling BBQ, fireworks, family and apple pie. These patriotic bears display the American spirit through and through for this holiday from Lady Liberty to the US flag. Create your own personal invitations to the big summer event with the themed stamps either in a border pattern or individual designs.

Miscellanous Stamps

This Miscellaneous collection has such a wide variety of stamps that the applications are endless. From animals to special shapes and designs to the proverbial thought balloons, the scrap booker can use these for any project and to brighten any event page. Even write short thoughts or words in the balloons to add a handwritten touch to the craft.

Occupation Art Stamps

We love what we do and we know you love what you do! So, show it off and make your mark with one of our rubber stamps or scrapbooking stamps. It could be cards for Nurses' Day or to show your appreciation for your favorite firefighter. Our Occupation stamps are perfect for the scrapbooker.

Religious Stamps School Stamps Sets Rubber Stamps

Religious Stamps

These religious rubber stamps are great for use on ceremony invitations for bar mitzvahs, child dedications, first communions and baptisms. Instead of giving out generic notes for such important occasions, send out handmade personalized invites with added warmth and depth. Grandparents and extended family will appreciate it that much more.

Teacher & School Stamps

Start off the school year right with our wide selection of teacher stamps for school. If you are a teacher, caretaker or a parent, these fun stamps make grading tests and homework more fun! Show your kids they did a great job with our Pre Genius art rubber stamp. With our teacher stamps for school, you can add flair to papers, dittos and notebooks. Most of our stamp designs complement any subject, from math to history. We also offer sets of number and alphabet stamps for grading. Save your hand from writing on all those papers!

Sets Rubber Stamps

Our rubber stamp sets are great for any project! They are as easy as 1-2-3 or a-b-c. A letter or number set can be really great in class or at home. Kids love to use them and they are great additions to any art supply to craft drawer. You are getting a lot of useful stamps for a little price.

Shirt Stamps Sports and Activities St. Patrick's Day

Shirt Stamps

Designed for the art wizard or serious scrap booker these shirt stamps ‘dress up’ any project. The variety of different shirts means that there is something for everyone no matter what their taste is, formal to informal. Get creative and mix and match these to make page borders or use individual stamps to add a little clothing style.

Sports and Activities

Kids enjoy playing sports of all types and this stamp collection represents just about every one of them. This makes them ideal to use in the scrapbook to highlight the big plays, championship games and home runs that helped their team to win the game. Create personalized invitations with the bears playing their favorite sport.

St. Patrick's Day Rubber Stamps

You don't need the luck of the Irish to make your project stand out this St. Patrick's Day but you do need one of our St. Patrick's Day artwork stamps. These stamps are also great for the little leprechauns in your life. We even have the GREEN ink to go with your art stamp.

Summertime Stamps Thanksgiving Stamps Valentine Stamps

Summertime Artwork Rubber Stamps

Summertime means no school and all fun! Keep the kids occupied during all that free time creating various art projects with the themed rubber stamps. Decorate summer crafts with the adorable bears boating, hanging at the beach and having a picnic. Make personalized invitations for the friends and family to the mid-summer BBQ event.

Thanksgiving Artwork Stamps

Nothing makes a Thanksgiving more festive than personalizing your decorations with these adorable Pilgrim and Indian bear hand held rubber stamps. They are easy enough for the whole family to use for the home and table decorations adding a touch of fun and warmth to the turkey and cranberry dinner.

Valentine's Day Rubber Stamps

Roses are red, violets are blue, make sure your Valentine knows they are really loved by you. Why buy Valentine's when you can make them? Our art stamps are sure to make your Valentine feel extra special. They are perfect for the scrapbooker or the crafter.

Artwork Rubber Stamps

Surprise your family and friends with personal stationery that includes a stamped design that you conceived yourself and are proudly displaying to them. You might find these especially useful and appreciated at holiday times, or to use as some kind of representation of your occupation. Whatever uses you find for your art stamp, the images are sure to impress and delight anyone who sees them.

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