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Monogram Embossers, Wedding Embossers and Initial Embossers

Monogram embossers, wedding embossers and initial embossers make fantastic gifts and are elegant and functional. A monogram embosser is a great gift to celebrate a graduation or promotion. Wedding embossers traditionally feature the bride and groomís initials and are used to emboss invitations, napkins and wedding favors. Initial Embossers are an excellent choice for coworkers and friends. We have 12 stock designs, or if you are looking for something outside the norm, we manufacture custom embossers.

Custom Designs for Monogram Embossers and Initial Embossers

If you are want a monogram embosser with a different look or an initial embosser that includes a custom design, go with a Custom embosser so you can personalize the seal with your information and design. To order a custom embosser, simply email a design to  and we will take it from there. An initial embosser that is customized can be used to emboss napkins for special occasions, envelopes and stationery to give it a personal touch, library books and more Ė monogram embossers do the same with a little more flair!

Wedding Embossers - Mark the day!

A wedding embosser letís you personalize your wedding invitations, thank you notes, napkins and so much more. Many brides and grooms want to create a personal look but canít afford custom printing Ė thatís where a wedding embosser can be a great value. Typically a wedding embosserrr is a custom embosser because it can feature different designs than a regular initial embosser.

Seal Types Available

Seal Description


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Pocket Seal Monogram / Wedding Embosser

Your traditional embossing seal stamp, which has a reach of 1-1/2" from the edge of the sheet of paper to center of embossing stamp


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Soft Seal Monogram / Wedding Embosser

Soft Seal Pocket Embossers have rubber handles and frames making them easy to hold and squeeze

monogram embosser

Desk Model Monogram / Wedding Embosser

This model is a cast metal desk unit, which will emboss up to 1-1/2" from the edge of the paper to the center of the embosser.


With every purchase of any of our stock designs for your initial embosser, wedding embosser or monogram embosser - we include FREE Shipping on your order, what else is a better deal!? Our normal turnaround time on wedding and monogram embossers is 24 - 48 hours. If you have any questions on these products, please do not hesitate to contact us at (804) 359-0505 or via email

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