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A Wedding Embosser - For a Touch of Class!

For many people the day they marry is one of the most exciting days of their life. If nothing else, it serves as marker and a milestone that denotes a rite of passage and of complete change. A wedding ceremony usually requires a fair bit of planning. One of the tools used in preparing and getting things ready for a marriage ceremony is a wedding embosser.

A wedding embosser is a stationary tool that when used, creates a raised, decorative impression on paperwork. A wedding embosser is always designed uniquely for the couple that is marrying, usually with their initials on it. The unique look that is created by a wedding embosser adds a touch of class to anything that it is used on.

Weddding Embosser to Decorate Invitations

Preparations for a wedding can take anything from 3 months to 18 months. There is always some planning involved, therefore I recommend purchasing your wedding embosser during the early stages of your planning. Once purchased, a wedding embosser can be used on invitations and stationary in the lead up to the wedding, as well as on decorations used to dress the church and the reception area.

The Initial Embosser and Monogram Embosser

An initial embosser or monogram embosser is a tool that can sit discreetly on your desk ready for use at any time. When an initial embosser is used to enhance the look of wedding stationary there are a variety of ways that you can organize the initials. You can use the first letter of the bride’s name and then the first initial of the groom’s name or you can use both initials with the initial of the groom’s last name in the middle, between the two first initials.

Personal Initial Embosser

Using an initial embosser and monogram embosser is a way to decorate invitations and paper used during the wedding ceremony. They give a unique, individual look to the wedding you are planning. Initial embossers and monogram embossers get their own unique look by the choice of font (lettering) used on them. It is important to find a font that represents the couple well.

Acorn Sales is an excellent resource for any wedding embosser, initial embosser or monogram embosser. Embossers can be ordered and received in as little as two days. In addition to this, Acorn Sales customer service team is friendly, helpful and always willing to answer any of your questions. Contact Acorn Sales customer service through email at or call (804) 359 – 0505.

Wedding embosser - Initial embosser & monogram embosser

wedding Embosser

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