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Notary publics hold a position of trust and honor in the communities where they work. The public rely on a notary to witness and identify their signature, and to witness agreements being made. Every good notary takes pride in the tools of their trade. Like other workers, they will need to keep their tools in good condition so that they can be used as needed.

Notary Supplies

All day long, a notary uses a variety of seals and stamps to perform their job and to place their unique seal on documents. A notary will choose what type of seal they prefer to use whether stamped seals, embossed seals, round seals or square seals. It mainly comes down to the choice of the notary as well as government guidelines. offers a wide range of notary public supply tools. Whether you are a notary looking for stamps, seals or embossers, our selection is very wide and varied.


A vital notary public supply tool is a gold or silver foil seal. Gold and silver foil seals are often used by a notary to officially seal documents. A foil seal is good-looking and it is impressive. The foil is usually embossed. This authenticates the seal and gives it the notary’s unique seal of approval. When a notary uses foil seals on their documents they look classy, professional and authentic.

Hand-held notary seals or embossers are a great notary public supply tool. They are very difficult to be mimicked and therefore they are often the tool of choice for a notary. When a notary uses an embosser as a seal they are using an extra layer of security to the document because embossed seals are very difficult to forge.

Notary Seals

A notary will use a variety of seals throughout their business day. These days, single-push, self-inking stamps are very popular tools for a notary. No ink pad is with these stamps because it is built into the stamp itself and the stamp rests against the ink strip while in resting mode. As long as they have ink in their cartridge these stamps are always ready to be used. is a leader in notary public supply tools. Our web site offers quality products paired with great customer service and delivery options. Orders usually arrive at your door within just two to three days. For more in depth information please email or call (804) 359 – 0505.

Notary Public Supply

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