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Monogram Stamps

Monogram stamps are a great tool to have included in your stationary supplies. They have a variety of uses. Primarily, they represent some type of ownership of an object. They can also serve as a stamp or a seal that represents you or your organization in some way. Generally, monogram stamps have lettering, an emblem or an insignia that serves to identify a particular individual or organization.

The Full Range of Monogram Stamps

Monogram stamps are usually small, round or square stamps that contain distinct lettering or artwork that symbolically represents a person or a group of people. Traditionally, they have been used for business purposes, today though their use is much broader. These days, monogram stamps are often used for decorative purposes as well as for business. They are great for all types of stationary decoration as well as for decorating objects.

The idea of monogram stamps is not new at all. The model that we have today for Monogram stamps is very much based on the seals of old. In those days, people sealed their agreements with their own monogram stamp and hot wax. Those monogram stamps were unique and representative of the owner. Therefore, when they were used, anyone that saw their seal immediately recognized who had made the agreement.

Initial Stamps, Monogrammed Gifts

Initial stamps are very similar to monogram stamps except they feature one or a few initials. They are great for showing ownership of things and also for promoting brand identity. Initial stamps have become very popular for use in wedding preparations recently as well. Pairing the first initial of the bride’s name with the first initial of the groom’s name, in a decorative way, is a popular trend. Having an initial stamp made up this way is great for creating decorative wedding-related stationary. All paper products used in the run up to the wedding can be stamped and decorated using initial stamps.

Monogrammed Gifts for Friends

Monogrammed gifts are a great way to give friends and loved ones customized and personalized gifts. When you give monogrammed gifts, the recipient knows that the gift was well thought-through and especially for them. We all know the saying, ‘It’s the thought that counts’. Well, monogrammed gifts show that you have put a lot of thought into the gift you are giving. The customization of the gift shows that time was spent thinking about them.

Acorn Sales offers a wide range of initial stamps, monogram stamps and monogrammed gifts. Ordering them is easy and convenient, with an extremely quick turnaround time of just one or two days, with optional, express ordering when needed. Acorn Sales customer service team is friendly and knowledgeable and always ready to answer your questions. If you find that you have questions that are not answered here, please email Acorn Sales at: or call: (804) 359 – 0505.

Monogram Stamp - Initial Stamp, Monogrammed Gifts

Monogram Stamp

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