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Embossing is the simple act of making a raised impression on paper. In business and in industry, embossing documents can be a repetitive process. There are manual solutions to this hand-held embossers but for the fastest, most economical approach, an electric embosser is best for embossing in an office environment. Below is a bit of information about electric embossers, and the benefits that are gained from their use. For repetitive embossing and frequent use, electric embossers show their benefit from the very beginning. Embossed documents can be processed quickly and effortlessly. The same embossing die on an electric embosser can be used again and again for documents such as legal papers, certificate dies, diplomas and transcripts. An embosser is built for high-volume use. There is no need to worry about mechanical failure motorized embossers are good for years and years of quality usage. View Electric Embosser
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    Heavy Duty Electric Embossers designed for high volume applications

    Choosing an electric embosser is simple as different embossers are made for different purposes. Heavy duty embossers are going to perform differently from motorized embossers. Naturally, the one you choose will depend on how often you are embossing. Custom logo embossing dies are engraved in brass for the longest possible service. The depth of the embossing die determines how it will work; a shallower die is best for thin paper where as a deeper die works for thicker paper. No matter what type of electrical embosser you choose, you can rest assured that the electric embosser will provide years of quality embossed images, even under high-volume usage. Electrical embossers are ideal for businesses due to their economic pricing, flexibility, and beautiful presentation. It is worth your time to research and find an electrical embosser that is tailored to your specific needs.

    If you are looking for a heavy duty electric embosser, we carry three excellent. The Heavy Duty Standard Reach Electric Embosser is designed for the high volume user with an estimated 200,000 lifetime impressions. A quick touch of a button on this electric embosser replaces the struggle and strain of the traditional hand embossing seal. Custom HOB or custom logo dies are engraved in brass for the longest possible service. The alloy counter can withstand even a staple or paper clip without damage and is standard on this electric embosser. The Heavy Duty Long Reach Embosser has the same features of the standard reach, but with an added reach of almost 5 of impression depth. Our JustRite Embosser allows paper to curl as it slides into the fixture - the long-reach capabilities surpass any seal on the market. The JES-110 Electric Embosser has adjustable guides that can be set to ensure consistent impression placement on multiple documents. This model has both a push-button operation as well as a foot-pedal operation. The JES-110 Electric Embossing Seal is our only unit that has an impressive adjustment dial for heavier/lighter quality paper.

    Motorized Embossers are great entry-level embossing machines

    The Motorized Embosser is designed to convert manual hand seals to an electric operation with no chance of hand stress injury. You now can get the best possible seal impression from a 3 to 4 second touch of the button instead of a two handed struggle. Extra quiet operation and heavy frame design, long outlasts hand seals. You can now take your seal inserts from your pocket seal and easily interchange this with the motorized embosser.  Prices starting at $279.75 on this unit.

    At ACORN Sales Quality merchandise and personalized customer service are our promise to you. For more information on a Electric Embosser please e-mail us at info [at] acornsales [dot] com or call (804) 359-0505. Standard production time and turnaround for all of our Electric Embossers is typically 7-10 business days, with express production services available as needed.



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