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Custom Rubber Stamper: What kind of custom rubber stamp is right for you?

Custom rubber stamps make the completion of documents simple. One print of a rubber stamp can fill in logos, return addresses, or even custom art touches to paperwork, scrapbook stamps, crafts, and many more items that you encounter every day. However, how do you know which stamps to use?

There are a few general categories of uses custom rubber stamps.

Custom Stamp

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    Bookplate Rubber Stamps

    If you’re a bibliophile, you more than likely have a large collection of books scattered around your house. You may not remember which books you’ve read and when you read them. Normally, bookplates can be added to a book to mark them with information you find important. They end up being useful until the bookplate falls out of the book! With a custom rubber stamp, you don’t have to worry about a bookplate getting lost. Your information is in the book and will be in there for good. What’s more is that once you’ve marked your book with your rubber stamp, you don’t have to worry about sharing a book with someone and having it go missing: you and your fellow bookworm will know exactly who owns the book.

    Custom Self-Inking Stamps

    You’ve probably seen these small plastic or wooden devices everywhere from the bank to the post office to your local town hall. Mounted stamps contain a handle that allows the stamp to cleanly apply it to the inkpad and to the item that will contain the print. These stamps can be used repeatedly for several years.

    Self-inking stamps are used mostly for productivity. The stamp is made up of two parts: the stamp itself – which could contain a company logo, a date, or even an address – and an attached ink pad. In some cases, the ink in the inkpad can be refilled, so you’ll never need to order a new self-inking stamp again. Self-inking stamps come in a variety of shapes and forms. The shape of the stamp could be round or rectangular, depending on the content of the print and the preference of the customer. Date stamps are probably the most popular of all rubber stamps. The date can be changed using a simple dial functionality and are sturdy to use for many years.

    Unmounted Custom Stamps

    These stamps do not contain a handle for regular use. Unmounted rubber stamps are often used for artistic purposes such as Art Stamps. These don’t have a self-inking mechanism to allow the custom stamps to try prints with many different colors. These can be found frequently in craft stores or stores specifically for scrapbooking. In some cases, the stamps could design their own print to be used on an unmounted rubber stamp.

    Buy Stamps from a Custom Rubber Stamp Manufacturer

    At ACORN Sales Quality merchandise and personalized customer service are our promise to you. For more information on our Custom Rubber Stamps., please e-mail us at info [at] acornsales [dot] com or call (804) 359-0505. Standard production time and turnaround for all of our Stamps and Custom Rubber Stamps is typically 1-2 business days, with express production services available as needed.

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