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An embosser can be used for many different tasks. Business owners have used embossers for years as a way to seal documents and put their stamp on any agreements they are making. This is especially true when it comes to documents of incorporation and documents used to register a business with government authorities. Custom Embosser & Personalized Embosser

An embosser is generally used to create lettering, a pattern, logo or other type of symbol. It is a tool that is used to create a raised image, a seal or a stamp. When paper is placed in an embosser and pressure is applied to the embosser, it creates a raised image that serves as a unique seal. Notaries use embossers on a daily basis for sealing important documents. An embossed seal is very difficult to forge which is why an embosser is still the seal of choice when it comes to stamping important documents such as Articles of Incorporation.

In addition to sealing important documents, an embosser can be used for other practical materials aside from paper. A piece of card can be embossed, also cardstock, napkins and envelopes can be embossed for artistic and functional purposes. Embossed patterns can be seen on all types of every day objects such as furniture, decorations and even clothing.

Custom Embosser, Personalized Embosser

A custom embosser is one that is specially-made and designed for the company or purchaser. An example of a custom embosser is one that has your company name on it and perhaps your city and phone number. A custom embosser can be created to look any way that you want it to look. It can literally represent you in the way that you choose.

People use custom embossers and personalized embossers for many things. As well as using them to seal and sign documents, embossers are often used to stamp and brand books, leaflets and documents to show that they belong to a particular company or person.

Acorn Sales offers embossers, personalized embossers and customized embossers at very competitive prices. Our web site shows all of the options available to you in embossers. However, if you find that you still have questions for our friendly customer service team, please email or call us at (804) 359-0505. Our products are delivered quickly and purchasing from us is secure and reliable.

Custom Embosser, Personalized Embosser

Custom Embosser

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