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Personalized Embossers

We have compiled some of our more popular questions that we get asked frequently on personalized embossers.  If have a question that is not listed down below, please feel free to contact us at (804) 359-0505 during our normal business hours (Monday-Friday 8:00AM-4:45PM EST) or send an email to most questions are easily answered we just request that you don't go off any assumptions on these products.

How large of an area can I emboss?

We use various plate sizes based on your layout choice - 1- 5/8" circular or 1" x 2" rectangular.   All plate sizes are interchangeable with our embosser. Layouts on the plates can be sized as large/small as will fit within those dimensions. If you require a specific size, please let us know. 2" diameter inserts (plates) are available at an additional charge.

How do I change the embossing insert or plate?

First, make sure that the sliding lock switch on top of the embosser handle is in the unlocked position.  The embossing handle should be in the raised position. Next, hold the handle up with one hand while pressing the plate together with the other hand. While pushing the plate together, pull up and out.  Do the opposite to insert a new plate.  Note: The bottom of the plate has four holes - two of which "snap" onto raised metal parts on the embosser.  Make sure the plate is "snapped" into place before use.

Embosser Operating Instructions

What is Embosser Orientation? and how do I know I am choosing the correct one?

Orientation refers to what direction on the sheet of paper the embosser comes in from.  We have an equal number of requests for Top and Bottom orientation.  Embosser Orientation is what direction of the page you would like the insert to imprint from.  Choosing a TOP ORIENTATION is for when you want your embossed image to come from the TOP of the page for example in the use of stationary applications.  BOTTOM ORIENTATION will imprint from the bottom of the page, for example if you were embossing Envelope Flaps with an Address Embosser - you want to select a Bottom Orientation. 

Choosing the correct orientation is a very important step when placing your order, for example if you are purchasing an address embosser with a top orientation it will imprint the top of the page as in stationary applications, but when it is used to imprint envelope flaps - the text will read upside down, and vice versa if you have selected a bottom orientation for the address embosser then try to use it from the top of the page.  This applies not only to address embossers, but monogram, book, personal, library and custom artwork embossers.  When the embosser orientation is ordered incorrectly to fix this we have to disassemble and reassemble the unit for which there is a $12.50 labor charge.

How far does the personalized embosser reach from the edge of the paper?

The center of the embossed image can reach approximately 1-1/2" from the edge of the paper with our Pocket Embossers, Soft Seal Embossers and Desk Embossers.  We do have several models that will reach further the Long Reach Embosser and Extended Long Reach Embosser which is not currently available online, but these are available please contact us for more information on these units if you require a further reach.

The foil seal stickers crinkle a little when I emboss them.  How can I keep that from happening?

Depending on the layout, you may find that the foil seal stickers crinkle when they are embossed. To help prevent this, place another piece of paper underneath and emboss both together.

Will I get the same results from this embosser as I would from professional embossing from a printer?

Our embossers produce excellent results, however they should not be compared to professional embossing.  Different techniques are used, which accounts for the huge difference in cost. Professional embossing is just that......professional embossing. It creates a perfectly even embossed image on a variety of paper stock. Personal embossers create impressions simply by forcing a raised image into paper using minimal pressure from a small embossing press.  This is a cost-effective alternative to professional embossing and produces a very nice impression. This technique, however, can sometimes result in slightly uneven impressions or small punch-through in the paper. This is normal and not a flaw with the embosser or plate...just one of its little quirks! Each embosser is tested prior to shipping to make ensure that it's producing a good impression.

Can I order an insert for my embosser that I purchased from another company?

Our inserts are made specifically for the embosser that we sell.  They may or may not fit into your existing embosser. Only purchase additional plates if you already own an ACORN Sales embosser.  A Special note: Our Pocket model inserts WILL NOT Interchange with our desk model units.  If you have a pocket seal embosser - order a pocket seal insert or if you own a desk embosser, purchase a desk insert.

I want to order an embosser with a different layout, typestyle, or design than you offer, can I do that?

Our stock address embossers, monogram embossers, book, library and personal embossers are pre-stamped with designs, if you require any modifications to these designs Yes - can make these changes, however modifying the layout's and design of the stock designs will fall into a custom artwork embosser category which we have a flat rate pricing on if you provide your logo and/or artwork in a black and white camera ready format. If artwork is not submitted in production ready format, we do have services which can clean this up and will contact you with quote and to discuss suggested layout. We can create something for you or you can provide us with your own design. Price is generally depends on the complexity of the artwork.

ACORN Sales Artwork Guidelines

What type of paper can I emboss?

Our embossers are guaranteed to work on standard 20-24# paper, however many designs will also emboss well on light-weight to medium-weight (40lb) cover stock or cardstock. The designs that will work the best on heavier paper will be smaller, simple designs WITHOUT a lot of text. Layouts that are larger, detailed, or have a lot of text can produce light or uneven impressions on heavier paper - if you require a special application it is strongly suggested that you send in a sample paper or contact us for help. We can not overemphasize to our customers that paper weights, styles and surfaces varies from supplier to supplier and that we can only guarantee the impression on a standard sheet of 20-24lb paper or on unlined envelopes. 

Over the years we have experienced wide variations of lined envelopes (in thicknesses and styles) which we can not fully guarantee that these units will work unless a sample of paper is submitted to us, so we may engrave the your personalized embosser accordingly.  

What are the difference between the models of embossers you sell are there any differences in the pocket or desk embosser?

Basically they are the same functional units, which will give you the same imprint as a end result, however the main differences in the desk in the pocket embossers.  The pocket embosser is a handheld unit that you hold in your hand and squeeze together to make an impression, while the desk embosser sits is a unit which sits on a desk that you push down.  If you are not a strong person, or have thicker paper that you will be embossing or have a custom artwork design that has a lot of fine detail on the seal - we recommend the desk model embosser.

Please remember, we are here to answer any other questions that you do not see listed above, please call us at (804) 359-0505 or send an email to


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